The Up! Factory is Columbus' only fun and creative, family-oriented fitness center with a specially-designed fitness track for new and expectant Moms, and childcare. Created with input by a team of birthing, fitness and rehabilitation experts, our Maternal Fitness classes and programs are designed to help you enjoy each stage of pregnancy, birth and early motherhood, and to safely transition your mind and body back into activity. We are passionate about safety, and about helping you feel good moving, stretching, sweating and breathing your way into the wonderful and challenging adventure of parenthood with lots of support with other Moms in a socially welcoming environment.


Not sure what it's ok to do while you're pregnant? The general rule of thumb for non-risk pregnancies is that you can continue doing exercise that your body was accustomed to before pregnancy, and that prenatal yoga taught by well-trained instructors (and we'd add preferably instructors experienced in birthing themselves!) is good for pretty much the majority of expectant moms.  That being said, there are specific cautions about temperature, jumping, and planking during different stages of pregnancy, and dependent upon your body's unique needs, as well as the conditions of this particular pregnancy. If you're not sure what you should be doing, be sure to check with your doctor, and then consider a chat with one of our maternal fitness experts - we can give you lots of specific guidelines to help you keep your energy up, stay as comfortable as possible, and maintain fitness during your pregnancy.

Reminder: please, when you come to classes, always remind the instructor that you are pregnant!
Choose From 25+ "Maternal-Safe" Classes!

We have a diversity of fun and safe classes with our “Maternal Safe Stamp of Approval” that you can come to at your convenience. These are mixed group exercise classes open to anyone whose instructors are thoroughly trained in adjusting and teaching specific modifications to both pre- and post-natal participants. 

  • LOTS of Pre- and Post-natal Safe YOGA Classes

  • Pilates

  • Barre

  • More

All of these Drop In classes that receive our “Maternal Safe Stamp of Approval” are taught by instructors specially trained in The Up! Factory’s intensive pre- and post-natal safety modification, bringing a depth of knowledge and tools from the therapeutic community that many fitness professional are not aware of.
Please visit us and pick up one of our coded schedules to review which classes are best for you.  We look forward to joining you in your journey back towards activity!

Get Your Belly Assessed & Firm It UP With AB REHAB

We have a special Abdominal Rehabilitation Program, AbRehab: Restrengthening Your Core from the Inside Out, to help you recover from birthing and safely transition to being active again. After childbirth, there are very critical safety and specific steps often overlooked and unknown to most in the fitness profession, that need to be taken to safely transition into whole-body activity, and to avoid longer-term core weakness and back pain – including poochy belly (called a "diastasis"). We help handhold you through those stages to prepare you to actually take regular exercise classes safely.

We run this a few times a year - check our "SPECIAL EVENTS & PROGRAMS" tab to see if it is running any time soon. Any time you can schedule an abbreviated assessment to have your core checked for a diastasis, and you can always work 1:1 with our therapeutic trainers in The Body Lab to learn how to strengthen your core from the inside out.