Welcome to The Body Lab!

The Body Lab is a special branch of The UP! Factory bringing together our in-house Body Experts to work with clients individually or in private small groups to take practical, progressive steps to reduce pain, prevent injury, and enjoy their favorite activities more.  The Body Lab provides tailored individual or small group services incorporating elements of physical therapy-like balancing and strengthening work, athletic performance-based personal training, hands-on bodywork, yoga, pilates, and stress relief. People of all ages and levels of ability come to us for a wide variety of needs.

Who are We?  And What are we About?

Housed in The UP! Factory's Main Campus (the old Hutchinson Traylor offices on Wynnton Road), we are a team of skilled practitioners committed to helping people get to know their bodies, feel empowered in taking good care of them, and feel supported in taking practical, everyday steps toward health and wellness goals. We are a collaborative team of instructors, personal trainers, and licensed massage therapists bringing unparalleled expertise from across our areas of knowledge to each of our clients. In keeping with the broader mission of The UP! Factory, we want you to leave each session at The Body Lab feeling better educated not just about your own body, but also about what you can be doing (even in short moments during the day, at work, or in the flow of life) to improve your ease, strength, and balance in your body and in your life.

What Kinds of Work Do We Do?

Techniques for Pain Relief: commonly-used and highly effective practices you can do yourself to alleviate back, hip, shoulder, wrist, knee, and ankle aches and pains

Flexibility Work: Dynamic and Static Stretching Techniques and Education, as well as Assisted Stretching using PNF Techniques to help clients undo some of the tightening effects of years or overuse

Balance Work: Improving the proprioception, strength, mobility and responsiveness of the feet, ankles, and calves, and working with clients to reduce pain and the chances of falling or being injured from weakness in the lower limbs.

Massage and Hands-On Muscle Release Work:
including Medical Massage, Trigger Point Release, and a variety of Myofascial Release Techniques that you can practice on your own

Core Activation Training and Conditioning, for rehabilitating after a surgery or birth, improving athletic performance, reducing the risk or effects of back injury, or reducing a "poochy belly" (diastasis)

Breathing Assesment and Training for Athletic Performance or Stress Relief

Long-term Posture Repatterning Work:
including techniques to reduce back immobility/pain, slouch, weak core, quad dominance, and forward head posture

Who Have We Helped?

Soldiers make tape, improve mobility, improve core integration, reduce their chances of back injury, prepare for Ranger School, and recover from injury.

Elderly clients improve balance, proprioception and mobility after stroke and reduce aches and pains common in low-activity residential facilities

Active, fit (and non-fit) retirees have more energy , flexibility, and ability to breathe easy while playing with their grandkids, on the golf course, hiking, working in the yard, and traveling

Triathletes and bodybuilders prepare for competition, learn how to integrate their core, and manage wear and tear during season

Professionals who sit and work at a desk full time improve posture, recover from or prevent many common repetitive strain injuries, and reduce stress

New moms close a diastasis, restore core function, avoid slump posture, and get back to full workout-ability

Boomers get fit again after joint replacement, health challenges, and those inevitable aches and pains!

How Would You Work with Me or My Loved One?

All Body Lab engagements begin with a Posture, Movement, and Core Assessment, during which time our Body Lab staff works with you to explore your body's patterns through simple movements. You can choose a shorter or longer Assessment to start.

During your initial assessment, we ask you brief questions to understand your immediate needs, long-term goals, and habits enough to provide beginning insights and simple education about what may be happening in your daily movements that keeps you from feeling the way you would like to in your body.

With lots of feedback from you, we give you a handful of beginning exercises and treatments, many of which we encourage you to try out as homework. We want you to feel some immediate results and be equipped with practical tools and interventions you can use to help yourself even after your first visit. If you are a Care Provider attending the Assesment of a loved one, or a couple getting assessed together (yes, we do Buddy Assessments), we can work with both of you to teach you how to provide support to each other when practicing at home.

At the completion of your Assessment, you will have specifically-tailored exercises to work on independently, and you can choose to continue work with us either through group classes and programs we might refer you to, or through continuing 1:1 work.  If you chose to work with us over time and multiple visits, you can purchase pre-designed packages, or you can hand-pick your own desired services, for which we offer bulk discounts (see pricing for private services).  In either case, we work with you and together as a team (assessors, trainers, and hands-on body-workers) to design specific sessions to bring the best of our tools and training forward to progress you toward your goals.

How Do I Get Started?

If you need help figuring out what is going on in your body, or what might help you most, you can start by scheduling an initial Assessment, or by diving right in to one of our TuneUP packages. If you already know you just want massage, or just want personal training, assisted stretching, or private yoga lessons, then you can click here for details and pricing, fill out the form below, or call 706-405-1817 to learn more about those services, and to schedule your first appointment.

The Body Lab TuneUP! Packs

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Testimonials from our Clients


2LT Steve McKnight's Optimizes Military Performance

My name is 2LT Steve McKnight, I graduated the Infantry Basic Officer Leader Course in April 2016.

I agreed to try a class at The UP! Factory for the first time when another officer invited me to attend one Friday afternoon. I must admit, I was a bit nervous to go because I really didn’t know anything about yoga. I had no idea how challenging the class would be, but after, I felt very relaxed and energized. I was also immediately impressed with the knowledge, kindness, and passion of the instructors at The UP! Factory. I signed up for their 2-week unlimited classes for $40, and have I attended classes at The UP! four or five times a week ever since.

I have seen amazing results since beginning! From improper lifting form and excessive rucking, I had developed some lower back pain which has almost completely vanished since I started yoga. My shoulders also round forward due to excessive pushups, however, my work at The UP! has substantially improved my posture. If pushup form needs tweaking, the instructors will watch your form for shoulders, arms, and curvature in the back to ensure you are using proper posture and not creating core weakness, which I learned is a very common development throughout a military career. 

Everyone has developed muscular imbalances, although they are not always observable until you hurt yourself, or until your older years. The UP! Factory "Body Assesment" can help you recognize these imbalances and correct them BEFORE you injure yourself. The classes offered are small, giving the ability for more personal attention to ensure you are finding the correct movements. The staff at The UP! are extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and passionate about what they do.   

I highly recommend The UP! Factory to soldiers looking to heal injuries, prevent new ones, increase mobility, reduce stress, and learn proper posture. The UP! Factory has been an unbelievable resource during my time at Ft. Benning. I’m hoping my story will encourage other soldiers to check them out like my friend encouraged me - get in there, you'll be amazed at what you will learn!