GEAR UP! 2016

CHANGE IS HARD! Gear Up 2016! is here to bring your goals into focus, provide you with the right tools, and set you up for success...that lasts!

The Gear UP 2016 program combines The Up! Factory's signature Fit+Fun classes with inspiring Healthy Habits Workshops to give you everything you need to be more successful in setting, reaching and actually maintaining healthy lifestyle goals in the New Year. Start now! The holidays are a PERFECT TIME to start practicing and gaining momentum in the transitions you'd like to make real in the New Year. Make these holidays better and set yourself up for success in the New Year.

You can expect lots of fun, unique classes with flexible scheduling, daily inspirational and useful information in social media discussion boards, a knowledgeable staff to support newbies and seasoned athletes, a welcoming, safe and supportive environment, affordable weekly pricing, and childcare services available during class times.

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Cheer UP!

If the very thought of the upcoming holidays is enough to make you want to run screaming, kick the "Holiday Blues" and start the New Year strong with workshops on Healthy Thinking, Managing Emotions, Handling Stress, Time Management and Self-Care.
Healthy Thinking Workshops

Eat UP!

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the fad diets and get slim quick schemes? Learn Healthy Eating and Safe Weight Reduction Habits with weekly Workshops, Shopping Trips, Recipe Exchanges, Support Groups and more.
Healthy Eating Workshops

Warm UP!

Know you need to get moving, but don't know how to start, or what sort of program you'll like. With our Signature Fit+Fun classes - more than 80 a week - you can step into a new fitness routine or amp up and diversify your old one with fun, safe and unique classes. If you're just getting started, get Tips and Tools from our trained and supportive instructors on how to get started with exercise safely preventing injury and setbacks.
Fit+Fun Classes

Did you receive a Holiday "Survive-and-Thrive" Kit?
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How Does GEAR UP! 2016 Work??

Anyone can join our "Gear UP! 2016" FB group for ongoing tips and tools, but actually Enrolling in Gear UP! 2016 gives you access to 2 sets of programming here at The UP! Factory that will really support you in buckling down and beginning concrete steps toward your goals: 
  • Our signature Fit+Fun Classes
  • Our new Healthy Habits Workshops
Enrollment in Gear Up is affordable - all classes and workshops start at $9 each with childcare just a few dollars, and they get cheaper if you commit to more than one a week. You can pay on a rolling weekly basis, so it doesn't have a big impact on your cash flow. (And yes, existing Fit+Fun Members can simply use their membership credits toward Healthy Habits Workshops.)

We do ask for a commitment to your goals and the program! We want you to keep coming back to your objectives and keep refocusing on continuing to do even just one small think to keep moving no matter how busy and crazy things get (because they always do!). We will continue to provide the support and accountability through our workshops, as well as opportunities to keep moving with our classes. You just have to show up!!

The first of approximately 20 different "Healthy Habits" Workshops are scheduled below,with many more to come between now and the end of February, so stay tuned as this calendar gets built out!  We are still building the tools to help you "sign up" - when they are up in the next day or so, you can read more about the logistical details of your enrollment by just clicking "purchase" and reading the simple agreement notes.

Healthy Habits Workshops

<< Schedule for Wed Sep 20, 2017 - Tue Sep 26, 2017 >>


There are no scheduled classes or sessions.
Are you ready to Redefine and Refine your goals to make this your best year yet?

Upcoming! Healthy Recipe Exchange

Are you interested in joining us for a healthy recipe exchange and learn about all the different diet choices out there from people who are living them daily? Send us a head's up so we can start planning this awesome event! You can join us for tasting, you can share your favorite recipe, or come tell us about your experience with diets you have chosen.


Healthy Recipe Exchange