Have a group that needs some Inspiration or Perspiration?

We welcome groups of all sorts for tailored classes and experiences - from Mom's and Spouse's groups to workout groups, from Church groups to Military units. Your group can come to us, or we can come to you. Call 706-405-1525 for pricing, program options, and to schedule.

We provide consultation on injury prevention, including stretching/yoga, myofascial release, and postural/core assessments, plus breathing for better performance. We can help design or improve pre- and post-workout routines to keep your players in the game, and to improve their stamina, cardio capacity, and focus while they're in it.

Or we can just give your team a fun and challenging workout that mixes things up for them, balances out their workouts, and helps them get out of a rut and have fun together.
We design programs to support accomplishment of goals, including Team Building, Stress Relief, and improving Preventative Health and Wellness Measures.

We can bring your employees "daily mini-routines" to prevent repetitive strain injuries and improve posture and performance, alleviate stress, and just plain help people get moving to avoid sedentary and postural health risks.

We can bring some of our Healthy Habits Workshops on working with your brain for better performance and less stress.

Or we could bring in just plain FUN workout-based activities to help your employees mix things up and to give them something positive to talk about.

We can even develop in-house, goal-based coaching programs to support your employees in setting work-life balance and fitness goals, and then help them help each other to actually achieve those goals. (Yes, we have extensive experience in developing and running in-house coaching programs for multinational corporations, and are happy to bring our simple, tried and true best practices to your business.)