Basic Body Maintenence - Do You Know It?

We know more about our cars and houses than we do about our bodies....but we only get one body! To last our whole life!

Too often we don't learn basic maintenance until we get broken. Why not learn about the simple, everyday things that you can do to avoid injury, or to heal and restore balance, strength, and mobility?

Any why not get expert help in undoing some of the imbalanced overuse patterns that have settled into your body, and that may be causing or setting you up for pain or injury?

We are passionate about helping people learn their bodies! And about the fact that so many daily aches and pains, and so many of the symptoms that are thought of as inevitable "aging" are preventable, and in many cases, reversible, with some practice on your part. 
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Massage Therapy 

Types of Massages

Relieve stress, lengthen tight muscles, and breathe deep…ahhhhh!

Our highly experienced in-house Medical Massage Therapist may be able to help use non-surgical, hands-on techniques to truly understand and release some of the underlying muscle dysfunctions that have locked up in your body that may be holding you back from pain-free movement. 

Our Medical Massage therapist works in partnership with our BodyLab experts to help you get the full picture of what might be going on, and to bring our best possible expertise and skills to the table to help your body reset, and to then give YOU the tools to maintain your body moving forward.

Medical Massage - A partnership between you and our skilled,  highly-experienced, therapeutic massage therapist, Medical Massage uses hands-on manipulation and muscle-release techniques to read and release long-term imbalanced conditions and patterns in tissue. A skilled Medical Massage Therapist can work with you to understand dysfunctions in tissues, and can often provide pain relief, improved posture, and improved mobility. An initial Medical Massage Therapy session begins with a consultation and a review of past injuries and current issues. Session often include exploration of regular patterns of movement and education about adjustments in movement or self-applied techniques that may provide relief. A series of Medical Massage Therapy Sessions can work through layers of tissue dysfunction, and may be an alternative to reliance on shots, painkillers, or surgery. Medical Massage Therapy at The UP! Factory is often paired with a "BodyTuneUP" Session to assess regular movement patterns and provide practical, simple suggestions for daily or weekly actions that clients can take to repattern their movements to improve, rather than contribute to, imbalances and pains.

Relaxation Massage - Gentle, progressive muscle release for those who prefer a gentler or lighter touch. The name says it all!

Swedish - Confident, strong, sweeping motions characterize this style of massage. Works into the deeper layer of muscle fibers; first by going against the fibers to break up any adhesions then smoothing out the muscle to its anatomic position.

Prenatal Massage - A side laying massage which provides a comfortable and safe experience and lots of relief from common side effects of pregnancy, from tightness to back pain.


60 minutes $70
90 minutes $100

Personalized Workouts

Specialized Training: CORE ACTIVATION - Developing Strength from the Inside Out

Have trouble figuring out how to activate your deepest core? (The part that holds everything together!) We can help. We work with athletes and soldiers who are working with a lot of weight or repetitions and who want to avoid back injury, diastases, or hernias. We work with people of all ages and levels of fitness who have a diastasis, including soldiers wanting to avoid or heal a diastasis (a very common side-effect of improper form in pushups and situps), as well as new moms, desk-workers, and those recovering from surgery. And we work with anyone looking to simply tighten and strengthen their core. Our work often involves deep activation exercises, as well as retraining common core movements (daily movements as well as workout movements) to take compensation out of the shoulders, back, and quads, and back into the deepest core (and sometimes glutes!).


One of the biggest challenges in fitness is learning how to breathe in a relaxed and fully-oxegenating way. We work with soldiers, athletes, and people just starting exercise to understand and practice full-capacity breathing to help them reach goals and simply not hate exercise so much! 

Specialized Workouts: STRETCHING TRAINING 

We work with soldiers and athletes to teach stretching and injury prevention basics, and to develop personalized mobility practices that integrate with their existing workouts. We also work with those who are sitting or on their feet for extended periods of time (desk workers, truck drivers, equipment operators, medical providers, etc) to develop tailored daily practices to balance overuse and reduce tension, prevent further loss of range of motion, tightness, and other side effects.

General Workout Design

Need guidance in what you should be doing? Want direction about what you can do on your own? Let our trainers work with you to create an individualized workout to do- in your own home, in your hotel, or in a traditional gym.

Traditional Personal Training

Traditional workouts to help you gain strength, lose weight, get ripped, or get ready for competition.


30 minutes $40
45 minutes $55
60 minutes $70
90 minutes $100


BodyTuneUP Sessions

Pain Relief

With a BodyTuneUP Session focused on pain relief, we look at movement patterns, range of motion, and how your body is compensating and protecting. We look at areas of greatest pain and compensation, and explore how can you release locked up areas, regain some range of motion, restore strength in underused kinetic chains, move in ways that does not exacerbate your areas of pain and imbalance.  We may ask you to work with our medical massager, who does their own assessment and can provide detailed information about tissue that is hypertonic and may need release. As a team, we provide tools that may enable you to release, balance, and restrengthen yourself to move with less pain. We are best know for our work in providing tools for relief of back pain, hip and knee pain, and shoulder tension. 


With an BodyTuneUP Session focused on posture, we look at what’s going on in your body’s alignment, and ask you lots of questions about and ask to see repetitive daily movements. We look at areas of greatest tightness or misalignment, and explore how can you regain mobility, restore greater range of motion, prevent injury, and alleviate areas of tension through both dynamic and static stretching exercises, postural strengthening work, ergonomic adjustments in your environment, and if helpful, movement repatterning.

Balance & Fall Prevention

With a BodyTuneUP Session focused on balance, we look at proprioception, range of motion, and strength in your feet, knees, back and core. We assess the ability of the feet and the brain to communicate and respond to imbalance, and look at the function of individual parts as well as whole body movements that incorporate balance. Our initial Balance Assessments give us a baseline from which we can develop individualized balance-strengthening exercise programs that can be done with us, or independently at home.  Our subsequent balance-training programs often incorporate some stretching and myofascial release in the feet , ankles, toes, calves and shins, as well as proprioception exercises, strengthening exercises for the toes, arches, and legs, balance practice on a variety of training tools, and sometimes imbalance/fall practice.

Core Function (includes a Diastasis check)

Do you have a Diastasis Recti (a stretch in your connective tissue that gives you the appearance of a “poochy belly”)? Get answers about your core function and integrity. Learn whether traditional core exercises can help or hinder your core strength, and learn therapeutic strengthening progressions if you do, indeed, have a "gap".


With a BodyTuneUP Session focused on mobility and flexibility, we look at range of motion in most of your major (and many significant minor) joints, and make suggestions to help you begin restoring range of motion and often balance through a variety of stretching techniques. We often educate you about basic stretching techniques and stretching safety, and usually send you off with short, quick release exercises you can do multiple times during the day, regardless of what you're wearing, and whether or not you have any special equipment. We may suggest working with you to design fully-tailored stretching routines, or we may suggest assisted stretching to help you fast forward your progress to meet goals.

Traditional Fitness Baseline Assessments

A full set of health, fitness and flexibility measurements, required when starting a Personal Training program; also extremely useful when beginning exercise for the first time, a Fitness Challenge, or a Fitness Coaching Program.


First session is 90 minutes $90. Subsequent sessions can be 30-90 minutes, depending upon your needs.

Assisted Stretching & Myofascial Release

Assisted Stretching

Exponentially increase your flexibility progress with the hands-on help of a skilled practitioner using muscle release techniques. We use PNF stretching techniques to fast-forward your mobility progress, working carefully with you to help you find safe lengthening of your muscle bodies, and we help you learn how to avoid unsafe stretching that strains the joints and tendons.

Myofascial Release Training

Dysfunctional muscles cannot simply be lengthened - bound up muscles often need “palpation” or pressure, either from skilled hands, or from myofascial release tools. We can aid with hands-on release work, but we are most excited about teaching you how to use tools to gently release trigger points yourself.  We train common mistakes in foam rollering, and teach you how to use the most effective release tools for best results. 

Trigger Point Release

Left unattended, bound up muscles can last an entire lifetime, creating uneven wear and tear in joints, referring pain to other parts of the body, and causing much of what we think of as “aging.”  We apply careful pressure to trigger points to smooth, hydrate, and release pain-causing knots.


30 minutes $40
45 minutes $55
60 minutes $70
90 minutes $100

Private Classes

If you are looking for private 1:1 instruction, more convenient times, or more personalized support, inquire about working 1:1 with one of our skilled instructors. 

Which Private Classes Are Available?

Yoga – Especially good for those with injuries or specific needs, those wanting to check for safe form, or those wanting to deepen their knowledge and practice.

Aerial Arts & Aerial Yoga – One on one, private instruction using straight silks, hammock silks, or aerial yoga. Helps build skills, conditioning, flexibility training, and help with choreography.

Pole – Fast-forward your flexibility, grace, and choreography. 1:1 pole instruction can include skills, conditioning, flexibility training, inversion training, and help with choreography.

Inversions – Get focused help building up toward headstands and handstands. Includes core strength, alignment and flexibility development.


Core Integration, Therapy, & Conditioning


30 minutes $40
45 minutes $55
60 minutes $70