We are a creative place with LOTS to isn't unusual for people to be surprised, or even a little overwhelmed, by all that we have. Here's a quick guide to learning about what we have, and to getting started with us.
Need Help Getting To Know Us?
icon-goals2  Explore Us Online and Through Social Media
  Scope us out here on our website - you can get an overview of all that we offer on our HOME PAGE... Or you can use the drop-down menu "What's @ The UP!" You can also get to know us more through FB or Instagram. Consider joining one of our Facebook Groups to meet other kindred spirits setting fitness or weight loss goals, other pole enthusiasts, other moms and babies, and more. : |GearUp2016|Pole Students @ The UP!|Moms and Babies @ The UP
icon-paperwork2  Come See The Space - or Better Yet - Try A Class! 
  You can check out the facility during scheduled class times...Walk around our three classrooms and have your questions answered by our friendly front desk. See Ascend @ The UP!, which offers Hands-on Services like posture and pain assessments, massage, scrubs, and trigger point release.  For those with kiddos, you can explore our childcare area and talk with our experienced staff.  We are located next to the Columbus Museum and a few blocks from the Aflac Building, not far from Uptown.  Ready to try a class?? Scroll down for instructions!
  icon-profile2  ASK US A Question
  Ask  us here, we'll follow up in 1-2 days.  

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