Although we do have lots of tailored programs and classes for women, The UP! Factory isn't just for the chicks! Who comes to us for what?...

Male athletes and soldiers are regulars in our flexibility and injury prevention-oriented classes and private services, including Massage Therapy, Myofascial Release Work, and Assisted Stretching. Military guys also come to get their core integrated, breathing improved, and butts whupped in our Challenging Workout tracks. Some come for stress management and techniques that help with PTSD. Lots come to recover and get more balanced after back, knee, leg or shoulder injury.And then there's those few wo come because they finally caved in and went with their wives to our Yoga classes...and secretly love it.)

Some men who are new to exercise or just coming back to exercise after focusing on other priorities for a few years (or decades!). Our classes and individual training services are helpful for those who want to start being active without feeling out of place in the usual muscle-head gym vibe.

Other men come to us for help with posture, movement, and pain management. Men who are recovering from injury or who feel the years creeping up on them also come to us to alleviate serious aches and pains and get suggestions about pain relief and posture improvement, often in lieu of after invasive surgery. We also support men recovering from core weakness and hernias, and common back pain that accompanies it.

If you're not sure if we can help, call or email and we can tell you right away.