Start 2017 the right way by focusing on your body AND your mind
...and win a chance at the $500 Visa Gift Card Grand Prize!
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What Exactly IS a "MindBody Bootcamp?" 

"Working Out" is only half the battle!  The rest of the battle happens in our minds...It's the daily choices we make...or don't make... Managing all the pressures of everyday life, and still taking care of your self is not easy.  Just working out can be hard enough...but changing those everyday choices can be EVEN HARDER!


Design-your-own program of health, fitness, and personal improvement, and make it as physically challenging...or blissfully you want!
Use it to set goals, change your food habits, learn relaxation, AND workout!

When Does It Start?

Individuals you can register start your 8-week bootcamp any time before February 10th. 

Your bootcamp clock starts the day of your purchase – if you want your 8 weeks to start on a different date, call us within 24 hours of purchase to confirm your desired start date.

Teams can register any time until February 3rd, and all teams kick off their Bootcamp competition on Saturday, February 4th.

What Classes and Workshops Can I Choose From?

In The UP! Factory’s MindBody Bootcamp, you gain access to more than 80 awesome weekly fitness classes taught by some of the most passionate, energetic, and knowledgable instructors in small, individualized classes. 
AND you get access to a whole lineup of inspiring coaching classes, real-time fitness & wellness educational programs, and support tools to help you make REAL change happen.

Sprinkle in engaging social events, social media, group tracking, and prizes – and you have a winning recipe for more lasting change!!

What Makes This FUN?

+ Enroll and get one of our Funky UP! Factory Swag Bags!
+ Join our FB groups with likeminded individuals for healthy competitive (or supportive!) banter
+ See your real progress with Beginning & Ending photos of simple mobility and strength actions
+ Track your progress and stay accountable on our in-house Bootcamp Board
+ Everyone who completes their Bootcamp by attending all 24 or 40 classes gets a $20 credit toward future UP! Factory purchases
+ Additional $30 credit if you post & hashtag 3x/week
+ Finish 24 classes and earn 1 chance to win the $500 Visa Card Grand Prize; Finish 40 classes and get 2 chances. Drawing to be held April 7th. 
+ Compete as a team with family, friends or co-workers, and for the additional chance to win 1. An in-House UP! Factory Party, or 2. Massages for all team members!

Want to Learn More?
Come to an INFO SESSION!  Next one is:
      Friday Jan 20, 6:00 pm
      Saturday Jan 21st 10:00 am (Health & Wellness Open House)
      Tuesday Jan 24th 7:00 pm
      Saturday Jan 28th 12:00 noon (Yoga Open House)
      Wednesday Feb 1, 5:00 pm
      Saturday Feb 4th 10:00 am
      Tuesday Feb 7th 6:00 pm
Call us at 706-617-1817, or click here to sign up. Or just submit the form below and we will reach out to you!
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Buy Classes Just for 2 Months

Just want to do the Bootcamp for two months, nothing more, nothing less? Just choose one of the packages below, complete your 8 weeks, and you are done!

Bootcamp Class packages
Pay My Enrollment Fee and Purchase a Basic Bootcamp Pass Now
$40 Enrollment Fee + $119 Basic Bootcamp 
24 classes (roughly 3/week)
1 additional payment of $119 30 days from purchase

$40 Enrollment Fee + $169 MindBody Blast
40 classes total (roughly 5/week)
1 additional $169 payment 30 days from purchase
Unlimited Classes for 6 Months - SUPER CHEAP!

2017 New Year's Special

Get this New Year's Deal while I can!
Unlimited classes! Almost 50% off!
$99/mo, 6-month minimum commitment, new clients only
Only available until January 30th!

To take advantage of this Special and use it for the MindBody Bootcamps, you must take two steps!
1. Enroll in the Bootcamp (above, blue bar), and then
2. Purchase this membership (click the green bar!)

Aerial Workout
Just Buy A Bunch of Classes All at Once
Yoga Fun
Don't like these choices? You could also just enroll (blue bar above), and then pick from any one of our commitment-free or Prepaid Packages. Use a bunch during the BootCamp, and then take your time using less during over the following 4 months.

What's it Cost to Enroll?

Enrollment is $40 for Individuals, and $120 for teams. Team enrollment can be paid by employers, or split among team members. Everyone must pay an Enrollment fee to cover the cost of the prizes and swag. 

If you already have classes at The UP! Factory, there is no other fee! Enrolling opens up your existing Fit+Fun Classes to be used on ALL our healthy living workshops too.

Not already a member of The UP! Factory Family?  Read on for our awesome Bootcamp Deals on Classes...

What are my chances of winning?
Registration opened January 15th
Based on # of registrations so far, your chances of winning are:
1 in 4
MBBC Swag Bag
Exactly how does this MindBody BootCamp work?
Each person participating can choose just the programming that really serves them - and every bootcamp is different! Your choice of classes may be predominantly gentle, relaxing, stress relieving, and superchill... your best friend may choose aerial fun or hot yoga...and your other friend may choose kick-butt, traditional bootcamp-style classes... 

All ANY OF YOU have to do is stay steady and strong in your choice of classes, attending roughly 3 (or if you're ambitious, 5 classes) a week for 8 weeks... and you've completed the MindBody Bootcamp!

You don't have to hate on your body, or beat it up!  You can take therapeutic or restorative classes, you can take workshops on healthy eating or healthy thinking... or you can take gentle, steady yoga classes.  YOU CHOOSE what is right for you. And everyone's Bootcamp schedule is different, and unique to them.

With a MindBody Bootcamp, you start slowly, and safely, and enjoy building up your energy, strength, and stamina. Start slowly now to go fast later! Build SUSTAINABLE momentum, transforming you mind and thinking, learning your body, transitioning out of unhealthy patterns of movement and lifestyle, and into healthy patterns.