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 -Sarah (AHH!) Relaxation & Aromatherapy

Give her some "ME TIME"!

$70+$10 Childcare=One Relaxed and Happy Mom! 

Non-Medical Massage and Childcare

-Jon (OUCH!) Medical & Myofascial Release

Take care of those Aches and Pains of Life!

$85+$10 Childcare = Pain-Free Mom!
Medical Massage and Childcare

-Erika (Feel Better) Body Lab Appointment

Full-time desk job and/or Full-time Momma?!

$90+$10 Childcare=Feelin Good Mom! 
Body Tune UP and Childcare


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Try Classes and have your little taken care of!

$110 for one child additional cost with an additional child.
5 Classes + 5 Hours of Childcare

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Momma isn't the only one that needs a break!

Two levels of massage:

Jon-$170 (Medical)

Jon Massage Retreat

Sarah-$140 (Therapeutic)

Sarah Massage Retreat

Until May 14th

Sorry, these offers cannot
be combined with any
other discounts.

1401 Wynnton Road, Columbus, GA