Always wanted to try pole fitness? Why not give it a spin!  It's harder...and more fun than you might have imagined! All ages, sizes, body types and fitness levels welcomed!

No, at The UP! Factory, this isn't a "stripper pole" - this is an aerial apparatus that inspires unparalleled levels of strength, flexibility and grace - not to mention confidence!

Pole fitness helps create body awareness, and is one of THE BEST tools for building upper body and core strength. You may surprise yourself with what you discover you can do with a bit of practice!

Introduction to Pole is the first (required) class to take. You can take it as many times as you’d like before progressing on to Level 1. Keep practicing at Level 1 (and try out Sexy Pole and Open Aerial Practice, as well as other yoga, core, and aerial fitness classes!) to build the skills and strength to graduate to Level 2 or beyond. Don’t wait to get stronger or more fit before you start your pole journey...Let the pole lead you on an inspiring journey to greater strength, confidence, and fitness!

Please wear basic workout or yoga-style clothes for this class, refrain from using lotion on your hands, arms, and legs, and expect to practice barefoot.