MEMBERSHIPS! Available with a 3-month commitment

Affordable options for those who know they want to come regularly

Around for a few months and wanting to come regularly? Memberships are a great way to save on Fit+Fun Classes!
A Membership gets you a regular allotment of FIT+FUN Classes and Healthy Habits Workshops each month for as little as $7.00 and no more than $10 each.

MORE about membership: HOW IT WORKS

Monthly Memberships require a 6 month minimum commitment, and are paid on a monthly auto-draft basis on the date of your purchase. Memberships are non-transferrable. After your minimum commitment is met, memberships simply continue on monthly auto-renew until you give us 30-day written notice of cancellation. Committing for 12 months or Prepaying gets you even greater discounts. 


Worried that you might get sick, need to travel, or get busy and fall behind?
KEEP CALM and CARRY ON - starting in 2016, monthly autopay Members' unused classes "Rollover" and can be redeemed for up to 3 months from when they were allotted, as long as you are still a member. We want to help you get back on the wagon! (Prepaid classes are only good during the months that were paid for, unless you continue after six months with an active membership, in which case they roll over too.)

NEED MORE CLASSES? "TOP ME UP" at our members-only rate!

Rocking your workouts and worried you might need MORE classes now and again?
Fit+Fun Members can "Top Me UP!" with add-on classes for only $9.00 each.


Membership qualifies you for affordable childcare packages, discounts on Special Events and Kid Programs, access to special "Members Only" Appreciation Events, and a 10% discount on Focus Series and Private Services!

Pausing, changing or Cancelling Your Membership

You can "PAUSE" your membership for up to 6 weeks at any time. Pausing your membership puts a hold on all payments and classes (but does not stop the clock on expiration of unused rollover classes from prior months). All Members are given one complimentary Membership Pause every 12 months; any additional Membership Pause incurs a $50 fee. All requests for Membership Pauses must be submitted in writing at least 30 days prior to start of Pause, and all Membership Pause requests must include an end date for reactivation of Membership. Active duty Military going on field exercises or TDY can apply to waive the Membership Pause Fee, providing two-weeks notice prior to Pause start date. If you pause your membership during your initial minimum membership requirement, it extends the finish date of your minimum commitment accordingly. You cannot redeem classes during your pause.

You can Upgrade or Downgrade your Membership after your minimum commitment period is complete. Downgrading or Upgrading a Membership upon completion of a minimum requirement will activate a new Membership with a 6-month minimum commitment to that new membership.

You can cancel your Monthly Membership at any time. Cancellation must be requested in writing with a 30-day notice, and cancellation prior to completion of your agreed-upon minimum commitment incurs a cancellation fee of $375. All unused classes must be used and expire upon confirmed cancellation date.


For those who go away a ton, athletes who simply want to supplement an already full training schedule, or those who just want to ease back into activity slowly, we've created the "Apple-A-Day" Membership. This Membership requires a three-month minimum commitment, and gives you 4 classes a month - great for the athlete who is looking for preventative maintenance, the newbie who wants to start small, or the busy professional who is only around a couple of weeks a month. The class credits that your membership purchases each month are valid for three months, and you can use all four credits at your convenience. 

Apple-A-Day 4 Classes/mo Membership


Classes $10 each with 3 month commitment

PrePay 6 months - Save 20%

$192 - Save $48! 

Did you know we offer significant discounts?

FIT+FUN MembershipS 
For those who want to Be @ The UP! OFTEN - $8.75 & less per class

8 classes/month


Classes only $8.75 each with a 3 month commitment


12 classes/month 


Classes $8.33 each with a 3 month commitment


16 classes/month 


Classes $8.12 each with a 3 month commitment


20 classes/month 


Classes $7.50 each with a 3 month commitment


Unlimited classes 


with a 3 month commitment


Don't Think Membership is for You?

Hmm...I need more time/fewer classes SHOW ME SINGLE CLASSES
Three months is too much!SHOW ME 1-MONTH BOOTCAMP PASSES
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