We've made it a No-Brainer to get the Body help you need.

TuneUP packages are designed to provide immediate relief and tools for some of the most perplexing and common body-pattern problems we encounter: Lower back pain; posture issues related to tight shoulders, neck and wrists; core weakness; loss of flexibility or balance; weight loss; and stress.

TuneUP Packages are bundled, discounted packages that provide a sampling of the best, tried-and-true BodyLab interventions we offer, drawing from across our team's areas of expertise, to address these common challenges. TuneUp packages include a series of 4-6 meetings, including an initial assessment, and may include hands-on stretching, customized workouts, massage, and educational time. At each meeting you are given progressive exercises with homework to practice in between. Each package is designed to provide quick relief for the given problem, but the specific exercises and interventions shared in each session will be tailored to address your specific needs, as determined by your initial Body Assessment. Upon completion of your TuneUP package's services, you should see improvements in your area of challenge, and be much more equipped with self-knowledge, practical skills, and new approaches to daily activities, to help you feel and move better. 

You can purchase TuneUP packages to help yourself get started, or as a gift for a parent or loved one, and you can add an assortment of Fit+Fun classes that may support your goals for an additional discounted fee. To get started, simply call us at 706-617-1817, or fill out the form below. You can purchase a TuneUP package online and reserve your first appointment by phone, or you can purchase directly in-house while you schedule or while attend your first appointment (which is always a Body Assessment).


Great for those suffering from lower back pain as well as sciatica
  • 90-minute Back Assessment with tailored daily practices for pain relief
  • 2 1:1 private sessions, including lessons in sitting, picking things up, lifting heavy weights, working out, and other daily movements to reduce pain and avoid further injury
  • 2 Hands-On Sessions: Assisted Mobility, Trigger Point Release, or Medical Massage




Great for those looking to regain lost mobility and prevent further stiffening, as well as those looking to prevent injury
  • 90-minute Mobility Assessment with tailored daily practices for improvement
  • 4 1:1 tailored private sessions incorporating Assisted Mobility work
  • Personalized home practices, including training and practice in basic dynamic and static stretching




Get lots of answers about your body, including an explanation of how posture, movement, and core is often neglected in military life. Use this early in your career to correct imbalances early on, and to learn how NOT to make common military mistakes with your body....or use it further along in your career to learn how to manage some of the common physical side effects of military life, including "rebar feet," gapped core muscles, shoulder protraction, "gorilla arms" and "forward head posture," ankle injury, slipped discs, and torn muscles. You can also use this TuneUP Package to understand how to mitigate some of your existing aches and pains, recover from injury, or to prep for intensive or rigorous trainings such as Ranger School, a Triathlon, or similar challenges with less risk of injury.
  • 90-minute Assessment of Mobility, Core, and Breathing for Performance and Injury Prevention
  • 2 progressive, tailored private training sessions focusing on critical areas identified in your Assessment. Depending upon your specific areas of weakness and goals, training could include: progressive core integration and conditioning, developing an injury-prevention stretching routine, breath and stride analysis and training, or movement repatterning.
  • 2 30-minute Hands-on Assisted Stretching Sessions
  • 1 Medical or Non-Medical Massage 




Great for those with core weakness, or for athletes wanting to learn how to recruit their deepest core in lifting heavy weight to prevent injury. Also great for those who have just birthed or are recovering from surgery, or for those with a diastasis (gap down the middle of the external abs that gives the appearance of a poochy belly).
  • 90-minute Core Assessment including Deep Core Activation exercises
  • 3 1:1 Progressive, Tailored Workouts (homework practice required in between)




A program for those struggling with protracted (slumping) shoulders, tension in the shoulders, neck, upper back, as well as wrist and forearms. This programs incorporates reposturing practices including myofascial release work (much of which you can learn and continue on your own), ergonomic and movement assessment, stretching training, and strengthening work to balance out postural weakness and alleviate strain.
  • 90-minute Posture, Movement, Sitting, and Breathing Assessment with beginning exercises
  • 2 followup Personal Training sessions incorporating progressive myofascial release work, stretching training, targeted strengthening work, and the development of tailored daily movement routine to restore mobility, relieve stress, and improve posture (Homework practice required in between)
  • 1 Private Restorative Yoga Session; or 2 30-minute Chair Massages; or 1 60-min full body massage