Ab Rehab


Strengthen your Core, from the Inside Out! This program is a therapeutic system of inside-out abdominal strength recovery, which we recommend after surgery or birthing, or if you have a very weak or separated core.

We start off with a BodyTuneUP! which includes an abdominal assessment (check you for a diastasis, a weakened area of connective tissue that gives the appearance of a "pouchy belly.") We'll teach you "Abs 101," an overview of "Belly Basics" - what IS your deepest core, and how do you "find" it and start to use it in daily movements ... even in breathing? We work together to help you begin to turn on your core muscules and we send you home with the intial exercises that best match your body and your initial assignments to begin your core re-intergration.

In subsequent sessions, we practice progressions and help you greatly increase your awareness of your core and posture. We move you along progressions of exercises, and slowly but surely begin to activate and strengthen (tighten) your deepest corset muscle, integrating and recruiting it in more and more movements.

If you commit to doing these exercises a little every day or so (after you practice a little, you can do them when you sit, stand, or walk!), you will build the stregth and proprioception you need to begin to see the difference in your core. As long as you keep up with your daily short practices on your own, you will see changes and results!

When you've "graduated" from this program, your body will be ready to dive into more traditional or challenging exercises classes SAFELY, without risk of creating injuries or worsening a poochy belly.

Note: If you would like to also reduce your belly from the outside in (i.e., burn calories to reduce adipose tissue around the middle), we highly recommend also taking Cardio Camp classes



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