•Parties! •


Mini-Party - $175
Have a blast without blasting the wallet! An in-and-out, no-frills party for 8-12 people!

  • 60-minutes instruction
  • Choose 2 topics
  • 15-minutes for pictures and practice
  • 1 classroom used for teaching only (no tables, chairs, food or drink)
  • Up to 12 kids or adults can attend
  • Must be paid for up front to reserve your date
  • ***Have fewer than 8 people? Consider a Private Class instead, and we'll make it feel like a party! $20-25 per person

    Medium Party - $240
    Great for groups of 12 or less who want a full party experience (cake/food)

  • 1 separate room with tables and chairs for cake, snacks & drinks
  • 90-minutes instruction
  • Pick 3-4 topics
  • 15-minutes for pictures & practice
  • 2 hours total
  • Up to 12 kids or adults can attend
  • 50% deposit is required up front to reserve your date

  • DELUXE PARTY - $325 & up
    Great for large groups, parents wanting a super-creative themed party, adult groups
    wanting to try out lots, or kids groups who want full obstacle courses or multiple activities

  • Activities designed around a theme!
  • Can include FULL Obstacle Course or Glow-in-the-Dark Dance Party for kids!
  • 2-4 rooms for activities, cake and gifts
  • 120+ min of fun activities, including the option for Full Obstacle Course,
    Glow-in-the-Dark Dance Party, and Open Play!
  • Lots of time for pictures & play!
  • Usually 2.5 hours full party time, plus set up and break down
  • Up to 25 kids, parents, and adults can attend
  • 50% deposit is required up front

  • Have fewer than 8 people?



    We create tailored and totally memorable, quality events. We provide a fantastic setting, an inspiring and fun experiences that help people connect positively with their bodies! You provide as little or as much decorations and food as desired.


    Getting hitched? We've got you covered. We love creatng a great time, whether it's an upscale and classy event, or a pole and booty twerk-out! Either way, your participants will laugh and leave with a swing in their hips, and a ton of great photos and videos! And they'll also be blown away by how worked out they feel the next day.

    Celebrate in style with your besties or family!


    Favorite topics include Aerial Silks, Pole, and Yoga with an occasional blend of sexy fun, such as sexy Yoga or Booty Pop. Want a simple party? No problem! We can make the curriculum the focus of your good time. Want to go full tilt into decorations and matching memorobilia? That's UP(!) to you!


    Looking to create healthful and wellness-oriented event? We can blend a wonderful mixture of yoga, deep relaxation and spa-style pampering with our massage therapists and body experts. We can provide a comfortable and classy environment for you to relax, stretch, and chill-out with chair massage, foot and hand massage, and assisted stretching. Make time to relax and breathe deep. Soak up the wellness-oriented preferential treatment you and your loved ones deserve!


    1. We also can teach a “ basic relaxation massage for your partner” couple’s group training, or a “learn self-care secrets” wellness/self-care educational social event.



    Choose from this list of topics, and contact us if there's something you'd like that's not on the list! The number of topics you can choose to build into your party depends upon the Party Package you purchase.