Aerial Yoga Schedule!


Discover the Joys of Yoga...but with a little help from a soft fabric!
Aerial Yoga is a wonderful way to release tension, strengthen your core, and deeply stretch so many tight places in new ways.  If you are new to yoga, you will enjoy the basic flow of a yoga class and many of yoga's foundational poses, but with the support of a hanging hammock, which we use as a tool to support us, align us, and stretch us. If you are an experienced yogi, you will delight in discovering familiar poses in totally different ways, with a different relationship to gravity, and much more forgiving support than the hard ground usually provides. And nothing beats deep relaxation in a hammock!
Aerial Yoga is suitable for beginners with no prerequisite required. Please bring or rent a mat for this class, and if possible, refrain from wearing heavy perfumes, lotions, and jewelry. Please wear basic workout or yoga-style attire.
If you are looking for aerial silks performance-based classes, please try Introduction to Aerial Silks instead of this Yoga-based class. And if you are looking for Aerial-based conditioning workout-style classes, try AerialX and AerialFit.