Fall Prevention & Balance

Reduce the fear of falling, and gently and steadily improve strength, flexibility, balance - and sometimes bone density - with our tried-and-true process.

Work with our gentle, supportive, and knowledgeable Body Experts to re-establish your connection with your “center of gravity,” and learn how to reawaken the connection and communication between your brain and your feet. Awaken, stretch and strengthen the tiny muscles of the feet and legs for a stronger and steadier connection to the ground.

Through assisted stretching and yoga- and physical-therapy based movements, we help you stretch tight muscles, improve basic mobility, reduce back or joint pain, and often sleep better too.

As mobility allows, we may also get you comfortable with the ground, and more confident in how to get up and down from it. We may use small weights, resistance bands, or graduations of partial bodyweight to safely build your strength and bone density. We use fun and simple exercises that meet you at your current level of comfort and ability, but improve your body’s strength, balance and fall responses.

We always begin bone-strengthening and Fall Prevention work with a full BodyTuneUP assessment to fully understand your patterns, and preferences. We may ask for materials and information from your doctor. We work out a plan together, and sometimes in partnership with your doctor. The recommended frequency, focus, and duration of subsequent private sessions is determined by your initial assessment.