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Our beginning classes introduce those who are new to yoga to basic foundations: finding your breath, connecting with your body, and beginning to move in concert with both.

We introduce you to simple but effective yoga poses (“asanas”) that most of us in modern living can benefit from…poses that help stretch and strengthen chronically short muscles to find better balance, freedom from pain, release of tension, and ease in movement.

Try a class! Our full schedule of yoga classes is to the left


Not sure which class to start with? Our instructors can chat with you about your needs and interests and make quick recommendations about which might be the best to try first.


Injuries or special needs? Speak with an instructor, or perhaps schedule a BodyTuneUP Session - we can teach you specific modifications to practice in classes.


Nervous about just diving in to a class? Try a private class!

Looking to understand more of what yoga is all about?  Look for our occasional workshop, “What is Yoga & Is It Right For Me?” on our Special Events Calendar.

Discover aligned and balanced flexibility and strength, the art of letting go in your body and mind, and calm in the face of challenge. Peruse our schedule of beginner’s and gentler classes at left, or perhaps try out a private yoga session.


Yoga doesn’t look like all the picture perfect, impossibly flexible, skinny yogis in glossy pictures might have you believe. No matter what size, limitations, stiffness, or injuries are present, we believe every body can discover yoga’s poses, and no one pose looks the same on different bodies. Rather than trying to fit your body to yoga poses, allow yoga’s poses to fit to your body. We specialize in knowledgeable modification, spotting and nipping damaging habits in the bud, and providing safety in all our classes. We also specialize in those working with injury. Try our popular "Yoga for the Rest of Us" class!


Yin yoga class is a passive practice of mostly seated or laying down poses that provide deep release in the lower part of the body—the hips, pelvis, inner thighs, lower spine. Yin Yoga poses are typically held for 3 to 5 minutes, and although they are not fast-moving or athletic, they can be difficult in a different (more still way), challenging us to truly let go, and releasing through deep layers of fascia.