Birthing Prep

Centered Birth: A Yoga-Based Birthing Preparation

Our Centered Birth preparation program is a practical, Prenatal Yoga-based program, giving tons of information and practice to help you be as prepared as possible in both body AND mind as you welcome your birthing experience. It is a private, tailored, 1:1 preparation program that you can schedule at your convenience.


  • To get you educated about your body changes, birthing, and the choices you will likely need to make along the way
  • To help you feel much better in your body and to manage side effects of pregnancy
  • To help you discover and practice your own "toolbox" of coping and relaxation tools, and to help you share these with your birthing support team.

  • Taught by our in-house Yoga and Core expert Erika Junco, the Centered Birthing preparation program blends education, discussion, movement, breathing and relaxation tools to help you grow knowledge, comfort, and insight about:

  • Your body, your core, your breathing and your mind....and how they all work together in birthing and beyond
  • The stages of pregnancy and what you can do at each phase to stay healthy, comfortable, and safe, as well as how to use each phase to prepare for birthing and the wonderful recovery and parenting adventure that begins with the arrival of your little one!
  • The labor and birthing process
  • The medical environment birthing occurs in and how you can engage with it in an informed and empowered way
  • Your own physical and mental tools, and how you can bring them alive during labor

  • There is lots of support for all kinds of birth, from 100% natural birth to planned C-sections, and everything in between. You are welcomed to join early or late in your pregnancy. This program is excellent for first-time Moms as well as for those who have birthed before but would like to have a different experience this time around.

    Although we are not a certified childbirth education, we echo and support most of the information you will gain in childbirth education. The difference in our preparation program as compared to traditional childbirth education is that we work with you to help practice and apply all that you learn to your own personality (mind) and body. We don't just give you the information...we also help you FEEL and PRACTICE the mental focusing tools and physical practices that you will need during labor. We help you build wiring in both mind and body that you can turn to in a familiar way during labor.

    We begin with a longer first meeting (BodyTuneUP! session), where we learn about your medical history, birthing goals, and personal preferences for both learning and birthing. We conduct an initial movement and posture assessment, give you your first lessons on your core, breathing, the mind, and birthing, and how they all work together (the foundation upon which all subsequent sessions will be built). This first session is 90-120 minutes, and you leave it with your initial assignments (breathing, stretching or research exercises) to help set you on your course toward feeling prepared.

    Subsequent sessions are scheduled typically on a weekly basis, and run between 60 and 90 minutes. There is not a preset number of sessions recommended, as how quickly we progress depends upon a lot of factors, including how much preparation your body needs, how quickly your body can find and pick up specific awarenesses, and what your learning style is. Typically we can prepare most women in between 5 and 8 sessions, although even just a few sessions can make a HUGE difference in at least your understanding (if not your actual ability to go straight toward tools you know will work for you under intense conditions).


    Learn Your Body - Demystify your belly and pelvic floor, and begin to understand how you can practice using them throughout your pregnancy, during the different stages of birthing, after baby is born, and even when you breathe, sit and move.
    Learn about the changes in your body, and how you can work with your body at each phase of pregnancy to alleviate some of the side effects, feel better, and prepare your physical self for more comfort and ease in birthing. Ahhh…..!

    Learn Your Mind - understand the basics of how your brain works in various activities (for example, problem solving, relaxing, under stress) and how your state of mind can effect your body and your birthing experience. Discover your own "usual patterns" of thinking and dealing with stress, and then learn an array of tools to help your brain and body come back to the most relaxed state possible. Practice quieting the mind and getting "in the zone" of relaxation so it becomes a pattern you can find more easily even in the midst of birthing.

    Bring It All Together - take the various tools you've learned and practice them in yoga-based simulations and challenges. See how you get stressed or disconnected from your body, and learn how to bring yourself back to focus, breath, and baby. Practice all the "tools" you have learned, and decide which ones are the best ones for you.



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