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The BodyLab is a special branch of The UP! Factory bringing together our in-house Body Experts to work with clients individually or in private small groups to take practical, progressive steps to reduce pain, prevent injury, and enjoy their favorite activities more. The BodyLab provides tailored individual or small group services incorporating elements of physical therapy-like balancing and strengthening work, athletic performance-based personal training, hands-on bodywork, yoga, pilates, and stress relief. People of all ages and levels of ability come to us for a wide variety of needs.


Located @ our Yoga Zone Location
1143 1st Ave Columbus, GA 31901

We know more about our cars, our houses and our phones than we do about our own body ... but we get only one body for our whole life! Come to our BodyLab to get personalized attention you just can’t get from a regular doctor or physical therapist. Get answers to WHY your body hurts, and learn simple, easy-to-do things you can do on your own every day to alleviate pain, change posture, and feel better moving in your body.

Most people come to us for one of these three general topics:

  • Pain & Posture Help! Including back or hip pain, sciatica, knee or ankle pain or weakness, shoulder and neck tension and pain, rounding shoulders and forward head posture.

  • Core Integration! Including assessment of deep core engagement, diagnosis of a diastasis, and therapeutic training progressions to close core gaps and recruit deep stabilizer muscles in common movements.

  • Mobility and Injury Prevention! Including hamstring, hip and lower back release, calf and foot work to reduce risk of injury, shoulder stabilization exercises, and wrist and neck release practices.

  • BodyLab work usually begins with a BodyTuneUP Session. These comprehensive visits (1.5 to 2 hours) let us dive deeply into examining exactly what is going on in your body, and to test out the best solutions FOR YOU. We can usually pinpoint the most cost- and time-effective course of action moving forward to help you move forward toward your goals. We can make recommendations of daily self-maintenance, classes, workout regimes, or set you up for personal training. We will always bring the best of our tools and training forward to progress you toward your goals!


    All BodyTuneUP's begin with brief intake questions to understand your immediate needs, long-term goals, history of injury, and habits of use.

    We then begin a simple Posture, Movement, and Core Assessment, during which time we ask you to do simple movements, and we observe and share what we see with you as we put together a clear picture of the patterns at play in your body. We may do some basic education about anatomy, self-maintenance principles, and functional movement during this time.

    By the end of the movement assessment, we have a good idea about what is happening that keeps you from feeling the way you would like to in your body. Then we move on to the SOLUTIONS part of a BodyTuneUP!

    In partnership with you, we give you a handful of beginning exercises and treatments, and we see which ones are easiest for you to learn, and which give you the best bang for the buck. We want you to feel some immediate results and be equipped with practical tools and interventions you can use to help yourself even after your first visit.

    If you are a Care Provider attending the Assessment of a loved one, or a couple getting assessed together (yes, we do Buddy Assessments), we can work with both of you to teach you how to provide support to each other when practicing at home.

    At the completion of your Assessment, you will have specifically-tailored exercises to work on independently, and written instructions for how to do the exercises on your own. We can also make recommendations for specific classes based on your needs and goals -- or, if classes aren’t a perfect match for you, we can design a workout plan for you to implement on your own, or just set you up for one-on-one personal training with one of our experts. If you chose to work with us over time and multiple visits, bulk discounts are available.


    Soldiers make tape, improve mobility, improve core integration, reduce their chances of back injury, prepare for Ranger School, and recover from injury.

    Elderly clients improve balance, proprioception and mobility after stroke and reduce aches and pains common in low-activity residential facilities

    Active, fit (and non-fit) retirees have more energy , flexibility, and ability to breathe easy while playing with their grandkids, on the golf course, hiking, working in the yard, and traveling

    Triathletes and bodybuilders prepare for competition, learn how to integrate their core, and manage wear and tear during season

    Professionals who sit and work at a desk full time improve posture, recover from or prevent many common repetitive strain injuries, and reduce stress

    New moms close a diastasis, restore core function, avoid slump posture, and get back to full workout-ability

    Boomers get fit again after joint replacement, health challenges, and those inevitable aches and pains!


    Techniques for Pain Relief: commonly-used and highly effective practices you can do yourself to alleviate back, hip, shoulder, wrist, knee, and ankle aches and pains

    Flexibility Work: Dynamic and Static Stretching Techniques and Education, as well as Assisted Stretching using PNF Techniques to help clients undo some of the tightening effects of years or overuse

    Balance Work: Improving the proprioception, strength, mobility and responsiveness of the feet, ankles, and calves, and working with clients to reduce pain and the chances of falling or being injured from weakness in the lower limbs.

    Massage and Hands-On Muscle Release Work:
    including Medical Massage, Trigger Point Release, and a variety of Myofascial Release Techniques that you can practice on your own

    Core Activation Training and Conditioning, for rehabilitating after a surgery or birth, improving athletic performance, reducing the risk or effects of back injury, or reducing a "poochy belly" (diastasis)

    Breathing Assesment and Training for Athletic Performance or Stress Relief

    Long-term Posture Repatterning Work:
    including techniques to reduce back immobility/pain, slouch, weak core, quad dominance, and forward head posture

    To start with a BodyTuneUP session, reach out to us using the form on this page, or give us a quick call or email.