Late Cancellation Policy

It is every client’s responsibility to remove themselves (or early cancel) from the class list 3 hours before the class is scheduled to begin or 8 hours in the case of very early morning classes. If you have missed our 3 hour cancellation window or are a no show to a class then you will lose one class credit. In the case of an emergency, call The UP! Front desk staff and inform them of the nature of the situation. In the case of Unlimited Memberships or Unlimited Class Packages, You will be charged a $10 fee for late cancellation.

Private Services Cancellation Policy

(Privates, Parties, Massages etc.…) It is necessary to have card information stored on a client account before scheduling any Private Services with UP! Staff. In the case of a 24 hour cancellation, you will be charged half of the payment due for the private services scheduled and if it is less than 3 hours before the scheduled time of the private services you will be charged the full payment of the private services.