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2018 Members - Free
All Others - $10 to $25

30 minute session - $40
2018 members recieve one free session every 6 months

60 minute session - $150
Sessions are $70 for UP! Factory clients!

Varies by Program
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$300 a month
4-month package - $1000


Having trouble sticking to a goal?

You are not alone!

There is a reason so many people struggle to effect lasting change in their lives...Change is HARD!

We believe fitness and lifestyle change is as much a mental thing as it is about your body. And just as we need instruction in working out well, we can also use support in thinking and eating in ways that support our wellness.


We see Coaching as the “missing link” that so many of us need to achieve wellness in today’s overwhelmingly busy world. Healthy thinking is just as important to becoming fit as is healthy eating and healthy moving!


We offer two kinds of Coaching: Group Coaching (done with other people!), and Private Coaching (one-on-one, just you and your coach).  Group Coaching is affordable and fun for those who get inspired by others also working on similar goals, or who learn from trials and successes of others. Private Coaching is concentrated, and can really help you fast-forward your way toward your goals. We offer “a la carte” Private Coaching (single sessions), as well as longer-term Private Weight Loss and Wellness Coaching. Learn more about all these options below, and contact us with questions or to schedule a Private Coaching Session.

The coaching services at The UP! Factory are offered by Dr. Kelly Morrow Baez, The FitShrink and the UP! Factory’s founder, Erika Junco. Both are coaches trained in the psychology and neuroscience of reaching goals, with Kelly - who succeeded through her own struggles with weight - specializing in Weight Loss. Both are passionate about the powerful role that coaching can play in supporting people in successfully making change happen.


Check out Kelly's Weight Loss story here!

Coaching @ The UP! Factory



Our coaching workshops teach you basic best practices in wellness, Weight Loss, and healthy thinking, helping you avoid common pitfalls, and providing tried and true tips and tools for success. Coaching Workshops are free to 2018 Members, and cost between $10-$25 for non-members. See the “Coaching Programs” schedule below!


Spot Coaching is just “on-the-fly” thinking support on any topic you need help with. We do our best to help create the right environment and ask the right questions for you to have an “AHA! Moment” and to feel motivated to take action. Spot coaching is usually a 30 minute session, and costs $40. 2018 Members get 1 free Spot Coaching Session every 6 months!


Goal-Setting Coaching helps you pull your Goals out of your mind, and get them down on paper! It also helps you hone and polish your Goals so that they are “SMART,” and avoid the most common mistakes. Goal-Setting Sessions are usually 60-minutes, and cost $150, but Kelly makes these Sessions available to UP! Factory 2018 Members for $70.


Group Coaching is a great way to dive into a process of goal setting, planning, and implementation with others who are also working on their own goals. Group Coaching participants meet in person as well as on the phone over a four-month period. Learn, support, and transform together! Pricing varies by program - see the “Coaching Programs” schedule below!


Private coaching is a concentrated way to fast-forward you toward your goals. After you initial Goal-Setting Session, you work together weekly by phone with your coach until you reach your goals, which is typically four months.

Meet Kelly!

Dr. Kelly Morrow-Baez, aka The FitShrink, is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a PhD in psychology and over 10 years in practice. As an author, executive wellness trainer, and private Weight Loss coach, she is on a mission to change the way people think about getting healthy. Dr. Baez is a health motivation expert who has been featured in Dr. Oz Good Life Magazine and she has added her expertise to articles in Reader's Digest, Forbes, Oxygen, Teen Vogue, Parents, and more.

Check out her:
Weight Loss Story!

What Is Coaching?

Coaching is Thinking well as Action Support.

It is similar to therapy in that it involves talking and is focused 100% on you. But it is different in that it is future-focused, and the intention is to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be, in a way that is sustainable and healthy.

We don’t tell you what to do! We believe you know your world best, and only the insights and plans that you make will carry the weight in your mind to take you to success. So we support you in putting into action many of the things you already KNOW you need to do, and talk about the pros and cons of various plans that you’re interested in, helping you create one that is uniquely yours.

We then help you implement that plan, providing accountability as well as thinking support as you progress through milestones and navigate setbacks with new strategies.


How does it work? Will you give me a diet and exercise plan?

Not exactly...if a diet and exercise plan is what you need, then we help you create one that is perfect for you and your goals, and then we help you as you begin taking the myriad of small steps that are parts of big change. But we believe most of the time, you already know what you need to do… The real real challenge is to make it happen in the midst of real life. With private coaching, making an initial plan is just the start! Ultimately, we will work together to turn your plan into lasting lifestyle change.

What is the typical time investment?

Private coaching with Kelly is a 4-month commitment, although you can certainly do more if you prefer. Coaching is conducted over 4 thirty-minute calls each month (one a week). Follow-on months of support are helpful in maintaining your new healthy lifestyle changes, no matter what life throws at you.

What progress can I expect?

This is a lifestyle program for long term success and health, not a rapid Weight Loss program. Typical results are 0.5 to 1 pound per week, but a lot depends on how much weight you have to lose, what kind of exercise you’re doing, and how well you are eating. I actually don’t want you to lose more than two pounds per week as it’s not healthy or sustainable. You can expect to learn lifestyle strategies you need to continue making consistent, healthy progress toward your goals.

What will we talk about?

Whatever is between you and your health goals. This program is completely individualized for your needs. We might consider stress management, sleep, time management, as well as diet and exercise, challenges of family and work responsibilities, plus anything else that is a barrier for you.

What if I mess up?

That’s totally fine! There’s no such thing as failure. Only an opportunity to learn. Getting off track is actually part of the process. If you get away from your plan, have a hard food day, or choose not to exercise, I want you to tell me so we can work through it together!

What is the cost?

$300 per month, or save with the four month package for $1000.

How do I start?

Schedule your free consult with Dr. Kelly by contact her via form to the top left of the page.