Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Our official location is 1228 Broadway, directly behind Kilwin's — but you will NEVER find us if you GPS or look for us on Broadway! Our entrance is hidden on 1st Ave. The easiest way to find both us - and parking! - is to head directly to 1st Ave instead. You can turn onto 1st Ave from 13th Street (between the tall SunTrust building and Boy Scouts of America) and immediately park on the street. Once you park, look towards Broadway, and you’ll see our entrance, on the back side of the Broadway block, across a private parking lot, between the back entrances of The Simple Greek and River & Rail.

If you DO happen to land a parking spot on Broadway, or you are walking from elsewhere downtown, you can find us by cutting through the little leafy parking lot just past Big Dog Running and the Liquor Store…or by walking straight into The Simple Greek (yum! try something tasty!) and exiting through the back door. Look to your left - there we are!

Where do I park?

You can park along Broadway, 13th St, 1st Ave and 12th St! Check out the map below for reference!

Can I drop by and check you out?

Please call ahead if you'd like a tour of our Uptown location! There isn't currently a waiting area inside and our room is inaccessible during classes or private sessions.


Do you have food and drinks available on-site?
Yes! We have healthy packaged snacks, as well as fresh cold-pressed Juices from Ride-On-Smoothies, plus a full cooler with many popular rehydration and some caffeinated beverages. We don’t suggest filling your water-bottles here (like we said, we are two pretty old houses!), but bottled water is for sale.e
Is your site avaialble for parties?
Yes! Check out our parties page for more details!
How do party payments work?
You can check out our parties page for more details, but all party payments are non-refundable or transferable.
Is your site avaialble for parties?
Yes! Check out our parties page for more details!
Can I smell fabulous while I work out? long as you only sweat perfume! We are a “Scent-Free” facility. For the benefit of some of our staff and clients with asthma and allergies, please refrain from wearing or applying strong fragrances while on the premises.
We also request clients and staff refrain from bringing fast foods into the building to preserve the health-focused experience for all clients and staff! None of us REALLY want to crave those delicious fries right after getting our butts whupped by Courtney, Jesse, or Erika!

Do you have a Lost & Found?
Yes! If you lose something, please call or stop in the front desk. You must first provide an accurate description of the item lost, as well as the date and rough time before we can confirm whether or not we have it. And hopefully we are stating the obvious when we remind everyone that we are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged property while you are on the premises!

We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged property while you are on the premises - leave your valuables at home, or lock them in your car!


How do I sign up for a class?
You can visit our website, or better yet, download our App, and after the first time you set it up, you’ll have one-click access to click in and out of as many classes as you’d like, plus access to our Special Event Calendar, and all our Private Services, as well as notifications for class cancellation and special discounts we occasionally offer.

The first time you find a class you’d like to register for, when you click to sign into it, our systems will prompt you to create an account (only 5 pieces of information are needed, takes a moment!) and login, and to sign your Liability Waiver which includes our Terms and Conditions. Then viola! Your space is reserved.

Do I need to register for a class, or can I just show up for it?
You CAN just drop in for a class, but remember we are in old houses, most of our classes are capped at a lower number, and sometimes there are waiting lists for our well-attended classes. So you can drop in, but just know we can’t guarantee you a spot!

Can I try a free class?
We usually have at least one free or discounted class on the schedule each week. Check for Yoga with Team Red White & Blue, a wonderful Veteran’s Group that provides free workouts for Veterans and their families, as well as our UP! Factory community members.

Can I observe a class?
In the interest of creating a comfortable environment for people trying new things, and in the interest of truly supporting participation - no. Everyone who enters the room must be participating. If you want to provide moral support, try it with your loved one!

What if I can’t make a class I signed up for?
Go ahead and cancel yourself out of the class. If it is less than 3 hours before the class is scheduled to begin, (or 8 hours in the case of very early morning classes), you have missed our cancellation window, and typically you will lose the class credit if you cancel out or don’t show up. But if it is a first time, or a real emergency, call us and let us know.

What does it mean if I’m on the waitlist?
The class is currently full, but if anyone registered for the class cancels out and you are next in line, you will get a text that gives you the option to confirm your acceptance into the class.

If you stay on a waitlist, and do not get admitted to the class, no class credits will not be used. If you accept a slot in the class, and then cancel within late cancel time (outside of our cancellation window), or don’t show up, you will unfortunately lose the class credit.

(Note: To get an automated opt-in from waitlist to class, you must have your account settings set to allow allow SMS in the MindBody system! You can allow this by signing in on our APP, or on our website, and going to your Account Settings.)

Are classes ever cancelled?
Yes. Always please double check our live schedule on our App or website, and if possible, always reserve your spot in a class! This way, if we know you are planning on attending and something comes up, we can be sure to contact you right away.

As part of a commitment to supporting our instructors and staff in living balanced lives, we reserve the right to substitute teachers, to offer complementary but similar classes if a regularly-scheduled instructor is not available, and to cancel classes if other alternatives are not possible. You will not be informed of substitute teachers who will be teaching the same curriculum you are used to. But if an instructor gets sick and we cannot find a substitute for their class and we must cancel it, or replace the class curriculum with something complementary but different, we will be texting, calling, FaceBook messaging you or emailing you to make sure you know, and if needed and the schedule allows, to get you in another class that helps you achieve your goals. For this reason, please always opt in to emails, text messages, and push notifications!

What if there’s a substitute teacher - do they know what they are doing? Where’s my favorite/expert teacher?
We work hard as a team to cross train, to learn how to teach well from each other, and to support each other in both professional development, and work-life balance. As such, we work fluidly to flexibly cover for each other as much as possible when one of us has a need for support. So -- please do not always except the same instructor!

While of course we all have certain things we LOVE about our favorite instructors...but we encourage our clients to welcome the opportunity to learn from different teachers whenever possible. We believe it is a great opportunity to learn something new and useful when someone different presents us with something we are used to...and it is good for both the brain and muscles for things to be mixed up now and again!

Does your schedule change? How often?
YES, our schedule does change, though not too often. We change classes with the arrival or departure of teachers, to manage coordination between classes in our space, and to accommodate the greatest interests of our clients as a whole. We usually change just before the end of each season (in the Spring, at the end of the school year, at the beginning of the new school year, and at the beginning of the holidays). We always seek to serve the interests of our varied groups in a balanced way, as well as to support each of you as individuals in your goals!


Do you have any deals or specials?
Yes!! We usually have a pretty rockin’ First Timer’s Special for those of you who have never tried us. Many times throughout the year we also run special deals on classes, massages, and private services. There are three good ways to be the first to learn about our special sales:
  • Not only LIKE us on Facebook, but also “Follow First” - this is the only way it seems that our clients are sure to see our specials when we post them.

  • We sometimes also send out a 1-sentence notification on our App, so be sure to not only download the App, but also turn on notifications.

  • Opt in to our emails! They are infrequent, but usually provide information about good deals.
  • Do you have a military discount?
    Yep! 10% off everything except for retail items, upon request, before checkout, and only with valid ID

    Can I give my classes to someone else?
    All classes are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

    How long are classes good for?
    All classes are good for three months unless stated otherwise. This includes classes allocated as part of a monthly Membership! So if you haven’t used all your classes in the month they were given, they roll over for another two months (so you have plenty of time to catch up!), as long as your membership remains in active status (not “on pause,” with all payments up to date). Many larger UPFront packages of classes are good for 6 months or even a year.

    My classes expired. Can I get them back?
    You can purchase a 6-week extension on any class packages for $40, or a 6-month extension for $130. Unused classes in Memberships plus 50- and 100-class packs (basically, anything with Membership Benefits) also can roll forward or be reactivated if you purchase a Membership or a class pack with Membership Benefits.


    What do I need to wear?
    Depends on your class. Most classes we do barefoot (and no - nobody cares what your toes look like here!!), and in comfortable, stretchy clothes that won’t fold over your head when you touch those beautiful toes. Special consideration might be needed for the following categories of classes, and also be sure to read class descriptions fully!:

    Yoga & Workout Classes - We work out barefoot for pretty much all our indoor classes, and it’s safer to NOT wear socks. We also stretch more than most facilities, so be sure to wear shorts and shirts that are comfortable and provide coverage as well as range of motion when in deeper stretches.

    Aerial Silks - Please refrain from wearing jewelry, fragrances, or workout clothes with buckles or zippers. Longer pants that cover the back or your knee, or layers which include leggins are helpful here.

    Lyra - full coverage leggins or tights are best - avoid bare skin on the back of the knees. Also a shirt that stays on your hips and back and doesn’t ride up if you move a lot or go upside down.

    Pole - for Level 1 and up, shorter pants are better, as thigh and calf skin is used to grip the pole. We teach most pole classes barefoot and in general athletic wear. Sexier outfits and shoes are only welcomed in non-skill classes and in special events or workshops labeled “Sexy.”

    Hot Yoga - You may wish to wear yoga outfits with less coverage. Expect everything you’re wearing to be soaked. You may wish to shed layers in these classes. You can rent a hot yoga mat, but some folks still struggle with slippery mats. Some clients bring a long beach towel and that helps somewhat. For regulars, high-quality, low-slip, extra-absorbent Hot Yoga mat towels are great - you can buy them in our shop, along with hybrid mats that include a grippy towel built into a mat (machine washable, low slip).

    Sensual Flow - knee pads are great for this class, as much of the choreography is floor work

    Have injuries? We have limited supplies of wrist-helpers as well as knee cushions for those who struggle with injury or bodyweight pressure - most of our favorite helpers are available for sale in our shop. Be sure to inform your instructors before class so they can plan and provide the best support tools for you!


    Can my baby come with me into class?
    You can bring your non-mobile infant into most classes (call to confirm which classes are safe!), but once your kiddo becomes mobile, they should switch to attending Mommy & Me Classes only.

    Can my kid come with me?
    If you want them to participate with you in a class, the answer is yes for most classes! Babies younger than 6 or so months can come with moms (read more below), and children older than 5ish are welcomed to come and participate in a class providing certain conditions are met (read questions below!) As most of our classrooms are very small, children are not allowed to sit in the classroom with you during the class if they are fully participating. As we are a small campus spread out across two buildings, and some rooms can only be reached by going through other classrooms, it is also not possible to have younger kids sit “just outside of the classroom” or in the waiting room while you attend, unless they are mature enough to sit and do homework or such 100% without any supervision and without creating any disturbance (so older kids only!).

    How old do I have to be to come to classes?
    To come with a parent, you must be at least 5 or 6 and meet the following criterion:
  • It is a safe class with no special considerations, and the instructor has granted permission for kids your age to participate (call to check!)

  • You can fully participate, are physically able to complete tasks required in class, and follow instructions, all without extra attention from the instructor

  • Your parent or legal guardian has filled out a special Liability Waiver for Minors

  • If you are 12 or younger, your parents must participating fully in the class as well

  • In general, kids younger than 5 or 6 have trouble staying focused with a class, so we don’t recommend it. In accordance with our general policy that no one can observe classes without participating, parents must participate with their child if the child is 12 or younger, or must remain on the premises nearby (but not in the classroom) if the child is ages 13-15 and the parent is not actually attending the class with them. Kids aged 16-18 can attend classes without their parent on site, provided they have a signed liability waiver from their parent or legal guardian. If you are a teenager interested in coming to a class, call to confirm they the class you are interested in is safe for you to attend, and if so, have your parent or legal guardian fill out your liability waiver prior to your attending. Reserve your spot as any other client would! If you are a parent interested in bringing your child to a class (child is between 5 or 6 and 12), also please call first to confirm if it is a class that’s ok for them to attend, and if so, create an account and their spot like any other client’s would be.

    How much does it cost for my child to attend a class?
    Members can bring their children aged 12 and younger to a class without fee (it is one of our Membership Benefits!) as long as there is an unused space in a class. They must reserve the spot for their child (call to get set up to do this!), and if the class fills up and there is no longer an unused space available, they will be required to pay for the class when you arrive if they wish to keep the spot for your child from being used by another paying member.

    Clients on their First Timer’s Special are offered one complimentary “try-out” for their child aged 12 or younger to attend a class with them for free to see if it is a good fit and the child can successfully participate and enjoys attending with their parent. This must be arranged and reserved in advance - call or visit the Front Desk.

    All other non-Member’s children attending classes must have their slots paid for by their parent or legal guardian. As all our classes are non-transferable and non-refundable, a parent or guardian’s class credits cannot be applied toward a child - the child’s class must be purchased separately.

    Can my pet come with me to class?
    Upon request and review, pets may be allowed in to certain classes. Call our desk to find out details.

    Scared of animals? Let us know before you come the first time, and we will make sure none are around when you are here.