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Check out some of the AHHH-mazing classes on the schedule at left if you're needing some gentler movement, relaxation and restoration in your life!

Gentle Yoga Columbus GaIf you're just starting exercise, unsure about your body’s abilities, or injured and looking for a low impactactivity, these gentle classes might be right for you. Just tell the instructor on the way in!  

These gentler classes may also be helpful if you are in need of some stress relief! Most of our gentler offerings have a good combination of mindful body-connection, movement, breathing, and relaxation - all GREAT TOOLS for managing stress and anxiety!

Nervous about trying to relax in a class, or trying yoga?  The  stress-relief exercises in our classes will not put you off with too much woo-woo or deeply preachy stuff … just good old tried and true relaxation exercises your therapist might recommend from Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), breathing exercises, with simple destressing tools that you can take with you into the workplace and home.

Gentle Yoga Columbus ga


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