Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga

Need a midweek “trip to the tropics” to escape a crazy-busy life?

Ready to sweat out some toxins out of mind and body?

Or just looking to balance your hardcore workout and release stiff muscles?

Let our heaters and humidifiers WARM YOU UP!

Hot Yoga is yoga practiced in a heated, and often humidified, room. Temperatures vary, as do levels of challenge - but all hot yoga classes dilate your blood vessels and pores, improve circulation throughout muscles, warm joints, and flush toxins out of the body. Hot yoga classes can also - through their intensity - help you focus on breath, learn your limits, and encourage you to cultivate the art of letting go.

We joke that Hot Yoga is a little like cilantro or licorice - it’s not for everybody, and people know right away once they try it that they either LOVE it, or HATE it!

Newer to Yoga, or to Hot Yoga?

If you’ve never tried yoga, we usually recommend trying a regular (non-hot) yoga class first. Then try out Gentle Hot Flow or Introduction to Hot Yoga, or our Wake UP and Warm UP classes - these have a basic mix of seated, standing and kneeling poses, deep stretches, and relaxation.

If you know you want a deep stretch with some heat and want to try being more still in both body and mind, try Deep Stretch Yin (the Hot version) - this holds just a few stretches for 3-5 minutes each!

Already a Hot Yoga Enthusiast?

If you know flowing vinyasa yoga or Bikram/Hot26 and don’t need too much instruction, dive right in to Hot Power classes, Hot Challenge, or Astanga- Alive!


Before coming to a Hot Class

Make sure with your doctor that moving and breathing in a heated and humid environment is ok for you. If your salts, calories or hydration is low, you will likely feel it during a hot class. So make sure that you hydrate the day of (and the day before if possible!). Make sure you have enough calories in your bloodstream before you come, and don’t eat a big meal (or alcohol!) just before. Bring at least a liter if not a half gallon of water - or maybe water with a few calories and salts mixed in to keep your levels steady throughout the class. Bring a large towel as well as a hand towel, and expect everything you’re wearing to be pretty soaked by the time you leave. You may wish to wear yoga outfits with less coverage, or to shed layers throughout the class (some people shed top layer shirts during the hotter classes).


If you have a yoga mat, bring one, but know that you can rent a less-absorbent hot yoga mat that won’t soak up your sweat if you prefer ($1). For regulars, high-quality, low-slip, extra-absorbent Hot Yoga mat towels and mats are great - you can buy them in our shop, along with hybrid mats that include a grippy towel built into a mat (machine washable, low slip).

Hot classes are not recommended for those who have high blood pressure, diabetes, vascular issues, or who are pregnant.



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