Are you injured?

Injured or recovering from a surgery, and looking to get active again? You’ve come to the right place!

WE CARE about not doing bodies harm through fitness (this is more common than you think!), and about truly supporting our clients through injury and back toward pain-free freedom of movement.

We know how debilitating injury can be, on every level of life. We also know how incredibly important it is to be patient and SMART about rebuilding integrated strength in the body after injury.

We are passionate about helping people to feel better moving, and empowering those of us with injury with knowledge, encouragement, tools and smarts to avoid common mistakes and keep steady progress on our journeys back to pain free movement (yes, it is often more possible than we believe!) We are passionate about bringing our knowledge to bear to make sure you can progress sustainably through the stages of healthy recovery and get back to fully participating in your life, doing what you love to do.

Whether you want to try classes, or prefer one-on-one consultation, our staff is ready to help.


TRY SOME CLASSES with our Well-Trained, Safety-Conscious Instructors. Our class instructors are carefully picked because of their background in anatomy, their ability to discern injury, and their willingness to learn and implement the more in-depth safety-oriented approaches that are integral to The UP! Factory’s approach.

All our instructors share special awareness of the importance of balanced movement, as well as the critical value of warmup, core activation, foot strength, and back and knee safety in ALL classes. Even without injury, we notice when you might be moving in ways that are imbalanced, and are trained to gently shift patterns of movement toward more mindful and balanced movement in the long run. We love to support our non-injured but imbalanced clients in moving out of habits that are likely to result in overuse and injury over time. (Yes, we can see that train a’ comin’!)

Which classes should you consider?

Try our Gentler Classes , and Yoga for the Rest of Us. In general, classes on our Gentle Fitness schedule are safe, but there may be others we might recommend, provided that you let our staff know what you have going on. You can call and ask to speak with one of our body experts briefly by phone if you’re not sure which class if a class is right for you based on the class description.


And if you’re interested in trying a BodyTuneUP Session before you dive into classes, your assessor can definitely give you an answer as to whether or not it would be safe or advised for you to dive into classes, and if so, which ones. You can go over which classes would be appropriate for you, what you need to be mindful about avoiding or doing carefully when attending classes, and what you need to say to the instructors so they can provide you appropriate modifications.


We do ask that you ALWAYS inform each instructor in each class that you attend of injuries that you are working with.


  1. TRY A BodyTuneUP to learn self-maintenance & best practices for YOUR body. Learn more here.








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