We love kids, they are extremely valued members of our community, and we work to include them as much as possible in everything that we do.

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Yes! There are After-School classes for kids ages 8-15. You can also bring your kids to any family-friendly classes. We sometimes have a free “Moms Cafe”…as well as Kid’s Open Play in our aerial classroom.

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School Aged Kids

Kids 6 and up are welcomed to attend certain classes with you, providing certain conditions are met:

1. The parent or legal guardian is present, has filled out a Minor Liability Release Form, and has preregistered the child for class.

2. The class is safe,+ and the child can fully participate in class without being disruptive or needing extra assistance.

3. The child is not taking the spot of another paying client.

+Due to the physical demand and size requirements of the Pole and Lyra apparatuses, children must be 11 to attend. Same for Hot Yoga classes.

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If you are a Member and there is room in the class, and you have pre-registered your child, they are welcomed to attend for free! Should a class become full, you will have the option to pay for the class to keep the child’s spot. If you’re not a Member, or if you’re a Member and you want your kid to attend but the class is full or waitlisted, then you will have to pay for your child’s spot in the class.

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Children ages 13-15 can participate in a class as a paid attendee, but must have a parent or legal guardian on or near the premises for the duration of the class. They must also have had a Minor Liability Release Form filled out by a parent or legal guardian prior to the beginning of the class.

Please note:

Parents are welcomed to sit and observe YOUTH CLASSES, but in regular ADULT CLASSES, observation in the classroom by anyone not participating is not allowed. If you’d like your child aged 12 or under to participate in a class without you, you must remain nearby, but out of respect for all other participants trying new things out without observers, you cannot sit in the classroom and observe.

Children 16+ may attend classes WITHOUT a parent present as long as we have signed Minor Liability Waiver.

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You must always either call our desk to have them set things up for you, or, go to this site:

Note: our UP! Factory App and our Website will not let you create an account for your child or sign them into a class – you always must call or use this special website!

If you wish to use this online process, here are the steps:

First, you must create an account for your child in our registration system, MindBody Online. To do this, access the above website and:

1. Go to, and log in using your own username and password

2. Under the tab “My Info,” there is a box labeled “Family Members.” Click “Add Family Member.”

3. Fill in the appropriate fields for your child, making sure to click “Paid for by…(your name).”

4. Save the new account.

5. If you are a Member, then call 706-405-1525 and ask to have 5 “Member-Only Kid Class” passes applied to YOUR CHILD’s account. (These passes can only be used when YOU are attending class as a paying member, with your child. If you apply this pass to your Child’s class without attending with them, you will be retroactively charged a full price class for your child.)

To then save a spot for your child in a class using MindBody Online, you need to:

1. Proceed to Class Schedule (see tabs on top of page)

2. Click “Sign Up Now” for the class you would like to book

3. Click “Make Single Reservation – (Your Child’s Name)”

4. When it then asks you to pay, a Member Comp should automatically apply; if you are not a Member or do not have comps on your account, you will be required to purchase a class for your child.

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Call or text us! (706) 405-1525


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