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60 minute session - $70
3 pack $175 - get half a session free!
5 pack $280 - get a whole session free!

30 minute session - $40
3 pack $100 - get half a session free!
5 pack $160 - get whole a session free!

45 minute session - $55
3 pack $135 - get half a session free!
5 pack $220 - get a whole a session free!

90 minute session - $100
3 pack $250 - get half a session free!
5 pack $400 - get a whole session free!


Therapeutic Massage

Tired of getting the same cookie cutter massage, and looking for real help with pain or deep tension from knowledgeable body experts? Try a Therapeutic massage. This blended approach brings the best of our in-house expertise to the table for you to make real progress on deep-seated overuse patterns.

Therapeutic massage incorporate a number of highly effective muscle and myofascial techniques to help provide relief for spasmed muscles and to break up muscle adhesions. Our therapists use sports and deep tissue massage, active muscle release techniques, myofascial and trigger point work, as well as assisted stretching. They may also include education about self-maintenance techniques that you can take with you to amplify your positive results.

This massage can be shorter and focus on specific target areas, although a whole-body approach is always most effective for long-term relief.

Relaxation Massage

Get out of your head and back in touch with the self! In this Swedish-style massage, we loosen tight muscles and stretch connective tissue using an effluerge stroke, a free flowing and gliding movement toward the heart. Using light to medium constant pressure.

Physical benefits include improved blood circulation, calming of the nervous system, loosening of the joints and improved range of motion. Clients also report mental relaxation, improved quality of sleep, and general improved sense of well being.

Deep Tissue

Spend hours at a computer or have repetitive movements at work? Feel like stretching just doesn’t release tension and your body is ... stuck?

Deep Tissue Massage techniques are designed to release hypertonic tissue in deeper muscle structures as well as in the connective tissue called fascia. Deep tissue bodywork incorporates slow, specific and deliberate strokes that move both with, and against, the grain of the muscle. It works with you and your body, never using forced pressure, but instead using continuous pressure applied until muscles start to release.

As with therapeutic massage, treatment may take more than one session, depending on how long spasm or adhesion has been present in the area.

Prenatal Massage
Prenatal massage can provide tremendous relief from many common side effects of pregnancy for those enjoying non-high risk pregnancies. Prenatal massage is therapeutic, side-lying body work that focuses on your special needs as your body changes. Our therapist may also include some pregnancy-safe education about self-care techniques that can help you feel better on your own.

Before your first massage, your therapist may call to discuss your specific needs and preferences. Please plan to arrive on time or a little early, and plan for time in addition to your actual massage time, as your therapist will also have you complete an intake form and review your goals and preferences prior beginning your first session. Massages can be conducted with or without undergarments, but our therapists will always work in ways that keep you modest, covered, warm, and comfortable - just inform your therapist of any preferences or special needs you may have!