Olive Grzekskowiak


Hey guys! My name is Olive, I work with an amazing studio called The UP!Factory, located in Columbus, Georgia. Their compassion and drive to sprinkle self love, care, and yoga knowledge is outstanding.

Yoga has been a passion of mine for nearly five years. I began practicing my freshman year of college. Little did I know the impact yoga would have on me. My spiritual and physical yoga practice has provided a substantial amount of growth, especially after experiencing a major seismic split in the fault line of my life. I was certified through YogaFit and meditation in 2014, which led me to a huge passion, teaching one on one. Two years were primarily spent teaching private classes until I studied under Peach Friedman, Nicole Agostino and Megan Riley, learning the theories and technique of B.K.S Iyengar. I graduated with this 200hr Vinyasa/Hatha Alignment Based Certification in 2017 and immediately began working along with the UP!Factory studio. Within the last year, I have studied prenatal and children yoga and received my Yoga For All and Vinyasa Sequencing certification with Noah Maze. Currently I am striving to achieve my Hiit certification with Sadie Nardini. 
Over all, I absolutely love practicing with every style of student. More importantly I love every student teaching me. The best part of my private practice is LEARNING! I have dabbled in lots of different styles, but the ones to stick have been Vinyasa/Alignment based, and Hatha. Vinyasa continues to teach me the impact of breath meditation, repetition, courage and perseverance. Hatha has guided me to a life of focus and patience. Want to start a conversation with me? Tell me about your pets!