Always wanted to try pole fitness? Why not give it a spin! It's harder...and more fun than you might have imagined! All ages, sizes, body types and fitness levels welcomed! No, at The UP! Factory, this isn't a "stripper pole" - this is an aerial apparatus that inspires unparalleled levels of strength, flexibility and grace - not to mention confidence!Pole fitness helps create body awareness, and is one of THE BEST tools for building upper body and core strength. You may surprise yourself with what you discover you can do with a bit of practice!

You're not alone if you feel nervous to try our classes, but when you attend our classes, you will be stepping into warm and welcoming enviornments with other like-minded women, who are just as eager to reclaim a positive image of our beautiful bodies. Leave your fears and judgements outside the door and just let great music and great company inspire you in these workouts!

Kickstart your fitness, raise your confidence, and get this swing back in your hips with this feel-good workout for women only.


WE CARE about not doing bodies harm through fitness, and about truly supporting our clients through injury and back toward pain-free freedom of movement.

Let our Aerial classes inspire your movements while helping you build strength and flexibility. Our programs are for all ages, body types and fitness levels. All are welcome!


Courtney McCutcheon

Take a class and meet Courtney; our talented aerial instructor!