Rolfing® Structural Integration is a hands-on bodywork approach that utilizes advanced manual-therapy techniques to facilitate postural balance, relief from chronic tension and pain and increased mobility throughout the body.

Isolated Rolfing sessions can be very effective at relieving surface tensions related to your chronic pain. To achieve lasting results, however, it is necessary to examine the patterns that stress the body and contribute to discomfort. Because your patterns form over the course of many years, the most effective Rolfing treatments are ones that are successive and allow for new healthy patterns to emerge. Over the course of multiple sessions, it is possible to reorganize your connective tissue (fascia) and realign and balance the whole body.

The Up! Factory is proud to host Certified Rolfer™, Melissa Schneider. During select weeks of the year, Melissa comes to serve Up! Factory clients. Melissa brings a wealth of knowledge and an advanced skill-set to the Columbus community, and we are very fortunate to offer her as a resource. Single sessions, 3-session mini series and the classic 10-series are available. If you are interested in a Rolfing Session, please submit a form. To learn more, please call and speak with one of our BodyLab team members.

What is a Rolfing Session Like?

After a brief health intake during which you communicate your specific issues and examine what you hope to achieve in your session, Melissa begins with a postural assessment: a careful observation of how you stand, walk, sit, and move in your daily routine. Throughout your session, as specific areas of your body are addressed, you will be encouraged to breathe, move and experience the proprioceptive feedback which is essential for re-patterning and creating long-term change. Rolfing can be both gentle and firm. Most importantly, Rolfers work in partnership with you throughout your session and respond accordingly to your in-the-moment feedback.

Columbus Rolfing Schedule 

January-June 2019

Beginning in January, The UP! Factory will be offering monthly Rolfing Structural Integration sessions in Columbus through June 2019. These monthly visits will allow us to fully explore your postural patterns and ways to achieve more optimal alignment through awareness and movement.

You can book single sessions, 3-session mini series and the Rolfing Ten Series. This is an excellent way to work with injuries, injury prevention, body tune-ups and to support changes made in previous session work.

Schedule a Rolfing Session in The UP! Factory app, or by calling 706-405-1525.



melissa rolfing

Melissa Schneider

We are thrilled to have a highly skilled Rolfer, Melissa Schneider, serving our clients for select months through the year when she is here in Columbus. If you are interested in a Rolfing Session, you can submit the form, or call and ask for one of our BodyLab team members to learn more.


Rolfing Session