Originating in circus traditions, aerial silks today are a popular modern medium for graceful self-expression...and an incredibly motivating tool to help yourself toward greater strength, flexibility, and courage. A quick favorite of those who may have already enjoyed dance, gymnastics, or cheerleading, Aerial Silks is also just as popular among middle aged or less-active folks who feel daring enough to try something new, and who surprise themselves with what they become capable of.

You can begin your aerial silks adventure by trying out “Intro to Silks” in which you learn basic poses in both hammock and straight silks (the two primary styles). If you find it makes you feel like being a kid again, move on up and begin building more strength and a basic vocabulary of moves in Aerial Silks Level 1. If you gain enough skills to climb and wrap, you may ask your instructor if you are ready for Straight Silks, or more advanced Hammock classes.

When coming to a beginning silks class, wear regular workout clothes without zippers, buttons, or buckles, and avoid wearing excessive jewelry or fragrances. You may appreciate the coverage that longer leggings and even longer-sleeved arms might give you.

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