Vinyasa Schedule!





Vinyasa simply means “cycle,” but it has become a catch-all term for flowing yoga, especially more cyclical, often fast-moving, athletic practices that derive from and “riff” off of sun salutations. Vinyasa practices are typically “one breath - one movement,” with opening, lifting motions on the inhale, and more closing or grounding movement on the exhale. Vinyasa can be wonderfully rhythmic, and with practice, one can get lost in the flow of breath and movement, with a very calming effect on the mind.


There is a wide variety of styles, approaches, and levels of challenge in “vinyasa” yoga as a whole - learn more about these here! Just look for any yoga classes with “FLOW” in the title, and you’re on the right track.




We have many challenging and classical vinyasa or vinyasa-inspired classes at The UP!, including Just OM It!, Hot Power Yoga, Hot Power Flow, and portions of Hot Challenge.


Not an expert yet? Try our very early morning yoga classes (what a great way to warm the body and start the day!), Rock ‘N Flow, Happy Hips, and Sexy Yoga. We even weave simple and slowed-down vinyasa approaches into our therapeutic and beginner’s classes, including Yoga For The Rest of Us.


Check out Astanga for a more disciplined vinyasa practice - no music, the same format over time, and longer holds than many trendy vinyasa classes. We have an Introductory Astanga 101, which can be great as a tool to help beginners learn and master the same set of beginning poses over time. The Intermediate level Astanga- Alive lets you go deep into traditional rhythms, and to see your mastery and progress over time! Astanga-Alive is warmed.


Check out Power Flows for repeated formats with a lot of breath focus and synchronized movement, shorter holds. These classes are also warmed. Our “Power yoga” classes include Hot Power Yoga, Hot Power Flow, and the Bikram-vinyasa blended class, Hot Challenge.