What type of
Yogi are you?

Different styles of yoga appeal to our very different personalities and needs. Just getting started? Begin with classes that match your type! Ready to explore outside of your comfort zone? Try something completely different!

What’s my type?

Yoga is more than half of what we do at The UP!

We believe passionately in the many ways it can benefit people, from physical benefits like pain relief, better posture, balance improvement, and strength … to mental benefits like anxiety reduction, better sleep and sharper focus.

We love welcoming beginner and introducing them to the basics of yoga.


We also love providing awesome opportunities for existing yogis to dive deeper.

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Learn basic asanas (poses), build your mindful connection with breath and movement, and begin putting it all together.


Begin your yoga adventure here!

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Hot yoga offers a more intense and focusing practice for your mind ... as well as even more warmth and release for your muscles. We offer a number of different styles, levels of heat and levels of difficulty.

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Deep Stretch (Yin) Yoga asks us to sit or lay in deep stretches for 3-5 minutes and to truly let go. A very still yoga practice, Yin yoga provides deep release in the hips and back, and on all levels of fascia.

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Vinyasa is a flowing and athletic style of yoga that moves through repeated cycles, often one breath per move. This intermediate style challenges us to stay with our breath, even in the face of everyday challenges.

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Rather than trying to fit your body to yoga poses, allow yoga’s poses to fit to your body. Work with, or even heal injuries, in our therapeutic yoga classes. Our specially trained teachers show you how.

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Discover the Joys of Yoga ... but with a little help from a soft fabric! Aerial Yoga hammocks allow us to escape the limits of gravity and discover yoga poses in a new way.

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Sexy yoga (women only) invites you to quit hating on your body and start celebrating your skin. Close your eyes, breathe deep and let the music move you in this empowering, body-positive, female-centric style of yoga.

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Find islands of stillness and peace through gentle movement and meditation on Scripture. Allow your body, mind and soul to come to a place of stillness in God's presence.

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