Left brained Type A?


Right Brained Creative?


Active athlete?


Overworked desk jockey?


Super stressed out?


When it comes to yoga classes, one size does NOT fit all!


Landing on the wrong class can make for a frustrating yoga experience, but matching the right type of class with your personality makes for a great start.

  • Are you an orderly “left-brainer” who wants to know exactly what’s coming next, and see your steady progress over time? Try Kim & Tamie’s Astanga classes, or any of the Hot Power or Hot Challenge classes.

  • Love having things broken down clearly for you, and taking your time learning something? Try Olive’s and Courtney’s classes.

  • Are you a Type A who just needs your butt whupped to relax? Try Erika’s (with music) and Katrina’s classes (without).

  • Are you a free-flowing “right-brainer” who delights in new and unexpected combinations, and in never doing the same thing twice? Try Chanel’s classes, as well as Hot Power Yoga.

  • Have enough challenge and surprise in daily life, and looking for predictability and stress relief? Settle in to a gentle flow, a good stretch or some relaxing chillaxing with Sarah.

  • Need a quiet, introverted space and a focused deep stretch? Try Yin Yoga.

  • Need some time to be still and connect with God, in body, breath and mind? Try Christ Centered Yoga.

  • Need to get your sexy confidence and strength back? Try Sexy Yoga.

  • Spend too much time sitting at a desk, or taking care of others? TRY ANY YOGA CLASS!!

  • Questions?